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Parts3xpress Tesla Model 3 & Y


Tesla Customization & Suspension Specialist

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Mon-Sat 9:30am-4pm

Parts3xpress Model Y Performance Suspension Upgrades


Wilson Tam Parts3xpress

Wilson Tam

Wilson has a passion for everything car related and has been working on cars since he was a young boy. He was a lucky kid with multiple uncles who were car enthusiast mechanics and learned many skills from them.

He graduated with an Engineering degree and joined the corporate world.  After a few decades, tired of the corporate life, he's ventured out to start a small business doing what he loves, Cars.

Wilson has worked on countless Tesla's and knows them inside and out. Acknowledging the growing Tesla population and drive to customize Tesla's for each owners liking, Wilson set out to start Parts3xpress. Parts3xpress is a Tesla Customization and Suspension specialty shop, focused on helping Tesla Owners upgrade their cars to perform better and look good at the same time!

  Contact Us to customized your Tesla into your Dream Car.

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what our clients are saying

Tesla Upgrades

A good friend just took delivery of his m3p in late February and began modding shortly after. I had been eyeing MPP coilovers for the past year since I wasn't exactly thrilled with the stock suspension. I was sold after my buddy took me around the block after Wilson installed everything. 
Wilson was extremely patient and helpful in answering all of my questions regarding MPP products. I was originally torn between the comfort vs the sport coilovers and after riding in my buddy's car, I knew the sports were the way to go.

DM'ed Hannah via IG and ordered a set of the MPP sports along with rear camber arms. Also, requested that they put aside a HPS front skid plate as early model 3's had crappy paper like cover. To my surprise, parts3xpress had received my coilovers a week later and quickly scheduled my installation 2 weeks later.

Couldn't be happier with the entire process from start to finish. Glad parts3xpress is a quick 20 minute drive from home and will be back for future mods or maintenance.

Derek W, Los Angeles, CA (Yelp Review)

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