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Swivel Screen Mount
for Model 3 and Model Y.

  • 【Compatibility】: Screen rotating bracket is suitable for Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 and Tesla Model Y 2020-2023. According to the original car design, the safety and convenience of the car are enhanced.

  • 【High-quality material】: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy + ABS, strong and durable. You can use it with confidence, don't worry about the screen being damaged, and enjoy the fun of rotating the screen easily.

  • 【Safety Design】: Screen Rotating Holder can be moved up and down 15 °, left and right 30 °, four directions flexible adjustment, hidden design to say goodbye to the trouble of fixing the screen, refuse to sunlight again on the screen, affecting your vision.

  •  [Open View] After installation, the Tesla center screen will be 1.5 inches lower than the original position, the driving road will not be blocked by the screen, open up the driving view, humanized perspective design makes your Tesla more stylish and beautiful.

  • 【Easy installation】: Screen rotating bracket is easy to install, and the screw installation will not damage the original car. We have complete and detailed installation instructions and videos. If you have any questions, please contact us via email.

  • 【Packaging Reminder】: For the time being, the outer packaging still adopts the old version of the left and right style packaging boxes, so there is no need to worry about receiving the wrong goods. The internal accessories are all new up, down, left and right style rotating brackets.

$250 Installed

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