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Tein Flex-Z Coilover Kit Model 3 RWD

For Individuals looking for dampening adjustments with factory or mild lowering springs, Tein Endura Pro Shocks are the way to go.

Key Features:

  • Restores and adds control and handling.
  • 16 levels of dampening adjustability.
  • Thicker knuckle support for strength and durability.
  • Superior build quality and comfort.
  • Specialized hydraulic bump stop.
  • 150% stronger shell case than OEM.
  • Twin tube system for better ride comfort.
  • High performance damper oil.
  • Economical and easy to install.

Lowering Notes: Can be used with stock or mild lowering springs.


*MPP Rear Camber Arms are highly recommended with Alignment when lowering any Tesla. Rear Camber arms will bring the car back into factory alignment specs and prevent premature rear tire wear. Contact us for questions and info.



Tein Flex-Z Coilover Kit Model 3 RWD

PriceFrom $1,450.00

Contact Us for Package Pricing for parts and installation in Temple City, CA.

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