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Sports Coilovers

Model 3/P AWD

Sports Coilovers

Mountain Pass Performance

A partnership between MPP and KW Suspensions, they have designed the very coilovers we dreamed of. MPP had the opportunity to work with a number of different suspension manufacturers but went with KW as they have always been the damper of choice for us on road cars. Incredible ride quality, huge adjustment range and built for the long haul. These dampers have been tested on some of the best roads in the country, and rest assure that these coilovers exceed the quality and performance of anything even remotely close in cost.

  • Specially designed to provide the highest quality driving experience, no drawbacks such as a harsh ride or noises.

  • Rebound adjustable, with significant and noticeable changes with every click. Unlike some adjustable coilovers that claim to have many clicks or a wide adjustment range, these coilovers have true motorsport damper technology and the adjustment in the low speed range is over 300%!

  • Compression adjustable, with significant and noticeable changes with every click. Full soft to full stiff compression is over 350% difference in forces at some damper speeds.

  • Spring rates designed for sports road driving. With the compression and rebound adjustment turned down the ride is more comfortable than OEM suspension.

  • Height adjustable from 0.4" (10mm) below factory ride height down to 2.3" (60mm) below factory.

  • Stainless steel bodies for optimal corrosion resistance and durability

  • Progressive bump rubbers tuned to engage only in the most aggressive compressions while keeping the chassis composed.

  • Utilize the OEM upper hats for minimum NVH transmitted into the cabin. No spherical bearings to clunk and transmit road noise!

Fits these vehicles: Model 3 Dual Motor, Performance, Performance w/ PUO

*MPP Rear Camber Arms are highly recommended with Alignment when lowering any Tesla. Rear Camber arms will bring the car back into factory alignment specs and prevent premature rear tire wear. Contact us for questions and info.

Instock and ready for Installation or Will-Call



Currently only Available for Will Call  or with Installation Packages

Contact us for Pricing with
Installation and Alignment

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