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Comfort Coilovers

Model 3/P AWD

Comfort Coilovers

Mountain Pass Performance

Look great, ride great. 

Jointly developed MPP / KW Comfort Coilovers with the ability to lower your Model 3 without reducing the ride comfort, especially over large bumps. The Comfort coilover system aims to bring you great value, smoother than OE ride, increased suspension travel and dampers done by some of the best in the business.


  • Spring rates set for comfortable driving, very similar to factory spring rates.

  • Height adjustable from factory ride height down to 50mm below stock.

  • Progressive bump rubbers tuned to engage only in the most aggressive bumps to not add to ride harshness under normal conditions.

  • Utilize the OEM upper hats for minimum NVH transmitted into the cabin. No spherical bearings to clunk and transmit road noise!

  • Bolt-in installation. A competent shop can have these coilovers installed in 3.5 hours.

  • Composite spring perch that will not seize to damper body over time as many aluminum products tend to.

Fits these vehicles: Model 3 Dual Motor, Performance, Performance w/ PUO



Currently only Available for Call and pick up or with Installation Packages

Contact us for Pricing with
Installation and Alignment

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